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10% of each purchase goes to sex trafficking abolition organizations November and December

10% of each purchase goes to one of these four sex-trafficking abolition organizations of your choice this November and December:

Restoration 1:99-
Fair Girls-

Thanks to the volume of sales at the Eastern Market on Saturdays I am now able to do things like this. Thank you so much to all my valued customers who come back week after week to buy Second Rising’s breads and spread the word about how good they are! And Thank you to all my new customers who have just discovered how good the breads are!

When purchasing your breads please specify which of these four non profits you’d like the 10% of your purchase to go to.

Safe house needed for those recovering for sexual exploitation

Second Rising was begun as a means to provide a safe place for females to recover from sexual exploitation along with job training. In the business class I was put through last year, they suggested I get the bakery up and running first. In May, the bakery will be a year old. I will be selling breads at 3 farmers markets come this April. Please, who can help me make this safe house happen? To many people who have been rescued from sexual exploitation fail to recover for lack of a safe place, healing services and skills they need to succeed in society. Being rescued is NOT enough. We need a place to heal and support while doing so. Who will help me make this safe house a reality?

Second Rising FaceBook page

Brittany Noetzel from Empowered Women International set up a Facebook page for Second Rising.  Thank-you so much Brittany!  It looks beautiful!

Brittany was my trainer at Empowered Women International and even though I could not do the Grow My Business class due to the needs of my family, working at Great Harvest, and working on my bakery, still she has been taking the time to discuss the needs of my business, offer advice and support, and now this Facebook page.  I am very grateful for all of her help.

Sex Trafficking Awareness Fundraiser

Thank you Fawn Coleman from the Human Trafficking Ministry at Trinity Episcopal Church for supporting Second Rising during the Sex Trafficking Awareness Month.    Thank-you also to all the parishioners who helped support Second Rising by purchasing my breads.  All proceeds are put toward growing this mission to be able to provide survivors of sex trafficking a safe house with healing services and job training at it.  This is a big task and I can’t do it alone.  Any and all help is very much appreciated.

Waikiki Coconut Chip cookies only .25 cents each at the Four Mile Run farmer’s market this Sunday

Last year on November 21 I was rescued.  One way I kept my mind off what had happened was making cookies that I would share with my family and to give away.  Cookies made people smile.   So on the anniversary of that date, this Sunday Market, the 22nd,  all the Waikiki Coconut cookies are available for only .25 cents each.

Thank-you to all who helped to make this year of recovery and healing possible.  I couldn’t have done it without ya’ll.