Baked Goods

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Second Rising only uses natural ingredients for the breads like real butter, honey and whole grains.  I like to keep the ingredient list simple and healthy,   yet there is no sacrifice in flavor.  All these breads are original recipes and delicious.  Check out what customers are raving about by stopping by one of the farmer’s markets that Second Rising vends at and trying a sample!

*NOW using the organic non-homogenized milk from Coulter Farms in place of the buttermilk in all the breads that use milk/buttermilk!*


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  • Butter Bread– butter and buttermilk make this bread.
  • Butter Buns– The Butter Bread as rolls with extra butter!*
  • Dam Good Bread– a delicious vegan version of the butter bread
  • Whole wheat bread- made with 100% whole wheat flour
  • Sourdough- a traditional sourdough made with a starter NOT yeast
  • Rye Bread– made with freshly ground rye flour for nice texture.  So delicious with even with just butter spread on the slices.  This is a light brown bread because NO food coloring is added to make it dark.

*Many inquiries on how to reheat the butter buns for Thanksgiving (or any meal):

If frozen fully defrost in the plastic bag it came in.  Then take off the plastic bag.  Wrap in foil.  Bring your oven up to 350 degrees.  Put bread in the oven.  Turn OFF the oven.  Let the bread sit in the residual heat for 20- 30 minutes.  This also works really well for the other breads in tins like the pull-a-parts, Himalayan Spice Rolls, and Rasa cakes.

Seed filled breads

  • Wailuku River Bread– packed with flax seeds, quinoa, crack wheat, and poppy seeds in a  soft bread- very good toasted and as a sandwich bread.  This bread is named after the beautiful Wailuku River on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Many sandwiches of this tasty bread my kids ate while playing there.
  • Seedsational!– a hearty bread packed with lots of seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, flax, millet, chia, and hemp seeds.
  • Sunflower Millet Bread– has sunflower seeds, crunchy millet, cornmeal, whole wheat flour, yet the bread is soft, not dense like a cornbread


Savory Breads

  • Peppa Cheese Bread– a spicy bread made with fresh jalapeños and cheddar cheese.
  • Parmesan Pull-a-part– The Butter Buns- each one dropped in butter then pressed into fresh Parmesan cheese in an easy to serve and eat pull-a-part bread!
  • Mediterranean Delight– Sun-dried tomatoes, capers, feta cheese and herbs make this very flavorful bread!
  • Rosemary Sourdough– this sourdough is flavored with fresh rosemary and olive oil
  • Pizza– a personal size, on the go, one to two topping pizza.  Lots of cheese and an organic pizza sauce.


Sweet Yeasted Breads

Cardamom Braid

  • Apple Cinnamon Swirl– like a cinnamon roll in a loaf form!  Loaded with Cinnamon n’ sugar and plenty fresh apples.
  • Peach Swirl– loaded with fresh, juicy, local Peaches.  This bread is only available when peaches are in season.
  • Cardamom Braid– delicately flavored with cardamom and raisins
  • Ginger Bread– spiced with chunks of crystallized ginger and sweetened with raisins and molasses!
  • Big Island Bread– chunks of papaya, pineapple, mango, and ginger in a soft bread.  The flavor of the creamy coconut comes through in the taste.   A reminder of the delicious fruits and ginger that my family grew there.
  • Himalayan Spice Rolls– A bread spiced like chai tea- cardamom, warming spices, and freshly grated ginger.  Stuffed with a creamy cheesecake filling.
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread– an invitingly warm winter bread with oats and cinnamon.
  • Rasa Cake– a  soft breakfast ‘coffeecake’  topped with a varying selection of jams and a lemon glaze.   Comes in a reheatable container.
  • Strawberry Danish– topped with 90aa4ca0-b9c9-45fd-95d1-4450bcb63c6fcheesecake, strawberry jam, and lemon icing!
  • Lavender– A lightly sweetened tea bread flavored with calming lavender flowers.
  • Spice and Cinnamon Rolls–  flavored with Cinnamon or my custom blend of sweet spices, chopped pecans, and vanilla icing.
  • Chocolate Swirl (Babka)– loaded with chocolate then rolled up.
  • Cinnamon Spice Pull-a-Parts– a super good pull-a-part bread flavored with cinnamon and sweet spices.

Quick Breads

  • Peachy Bread– Second Rising’s first quick bread!  This is full of Ashton Farms’ fresh, juicy peaches and is only available during peach season.

Waikiki Coconut Chip Cookies resized smaller


  • Jam Bars– a buttery oatmeal pecan bar filled with a varying selection of jams.
  • Apple Bars– jam bars filled with freshly chopped apples (from Ashton Farms) and cinnamon sugar.  Just like an apple pie in a buttery oatmeal cookie bar!  So onolicious!!!
  • Chocolate Caramel bars– a buttery oatmeal bar filled with chocolate chips and homemade caramel sauce!  Very rich tasting.  Not for the faint at heart.
  • Waikiki Coconut Chip Cookies– a supah ‘ono’ chocolate chip cookie with coconut.
  • Jade’s Ginger Pecan Cookies– flavored with freshly grated ginger and toasted pecans


Market Pictures courtesy of Debby Critchley– Thank-you Debby!