Women and older teenagers coming from being sex trafficked that have little or no job experience need job or vocational training. Most programs end when a person becomes 18 and for adults the programs are for limited times. Along with the physical and emotional healing many of these individuals will have to go through, the ability to keep steady employment is key to not falling back into what they came from.   This is not only a benefit to the individual but also to a society as a whole because it helps to relive the burden and hurt that trafficking inevitably causes to society.

Programs currently available

Second Rising will be using the Frontier Kitchen in Virginia to provide vocational training in. If you are interested in what Second Rising can offer or would like to help Second Rising in anyway, please contact me at  Second Rising is located in the Northern Virginia/DC area.

Baking classes

Currently I go to different organizations and safe houses and give baking classes.  While these are not job training, they are more of confidence builders.  Baking bread is very easy to me yet so many people say how difficult it is to use any yeasted recipe.  With just a little coaching the women in these classes make a basic dough using common household kitchen ingredients then turn it into cinnamon rolls, pizza, rolls, a basic loaf, etc. And When it is done there is this realization that THEY did it!  And it is wonderful.  It is so nice working with these women.  They can do so much more than they think.  And they get to keep what they make to enjoy themselves, share with others, or just to show off what they have accomplished.  And they get to keep the recipe!  I feel very grateful to give these classes and hang out with these women.    After a person has been degraded and taught how little one is worth in trafficked situations it is so nice to be part of showing them that that was not true.  These women really bring meaning to the name Second Rising.

Vocational Training

Second Rising will be working together with Restoration 1:99, which is providing therapeutic and other healing services.  With their help Second Rising will be able to offer a baking program that will help the whole individual so that they will be able to reenter society successfully.

Throughout the job training course participants work on areas of personal development that consist of:

  • Appropriate on-the-job behavior
  • Healthy ways to address issues or employees at work that bother us
  • Self-control in adverse work situations
  • Accountability- taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • Time management
  • Working together as a team
  • Thinking ahead to work efficiently
  • Confidence


What participants learn from this baking program can also be used in other trades. The ability to budget wisely, good work ethics, self-control in adverse situations, and the ability to work together as a team are skills needed in any field or job.

I am looking for people who can help with resume writing for participants as they graduate from the program.  Can you help with this?  Email me at