Safe House

not alone croppedThere is an overwhelming need for safe places for people to recover from sex trafficking.   People are being rescued from this horrible crime but when left without places to safely heal, physically and emotionally, they run a high risk of falling victim again.    Many of the victims, being inducted into trafficking while still young, also need things that seem so basic- elementary education, life skills, job training, etc.

I would like to provide a safe house that will include healing services and other skills that these victims need so that they can successfully reenter society.

I have listed things that I think I will need to accomplish this and I may be naive and missing many things so if someone with experience in running a safe house could contact me I would greatly appreciate it.  And if anyone can fulfill any of these needs, please contact me also.  I am putting together what I will need and people who can help or take part in starting and maintaining it.

what is needed-

  • a place
    • what makes a good location?
  • furnishings for the place
  • clothing
  • kitchen stuffs
  • bathroom/hygiene supplies
  • a vehicle for transporting recipients to and from offsite services

What people are needed-

  • someone with experience who can walk me through the process of setting up a safe house
  • therapists
  • counselors
  • enough people on staff (with training in crisis intervention?) to accommodate having someone always at the safe house 24 hours a day
  • social workers
  • job counselors
  • accountant?
  • legal?
  • someone or more than one person with skills to teach classes including basic math, reading, writing, healthy living and healthy relationships
  • someone who can teach meditation techniques as a means to cope with stress, addictions, and past trauma
  • someone to teach self defense
  • and yes, funding