Second Rising’s Philosophy

Each person is a child of God.  A child that is loved by God.  Each person will be given a chance to live a dignified life and given the tools to do so to because God loves each of His children equally.  We will help each other because it pleases our loving Father.  His love for us and our love for Him will free us from our suffering.

We will be conscious of our words, deeds, and actions and try not to cause others to suffer in the same situations of exploitation that we were rescued out of.

We will live simply so as to not contribute to the exploitation of others.

We are passing through.  This is not our home.  We will strive to be good stewards in God’s creation.

We will not forget where we came from in this life so that we will never grow to tall to reach down to help another.

We understand that we are not perfect and change takes time.  We will not lose hope nor quit trying to be better persons if we should slip.  But we will sincerely continue to make effort to become better persons for God’s pleasure.

We understand that each of us has our own individual relationship with God.  Our relationship with God cannot be dictated by anyone else.  Our journey in our relationship with God is individual and not controlled by a group.

We can turn towards God or away from Him, but we will know that we are never alone.  We will always have His love and shelter should we seek it.

We will be responsible for our own actions good and bad.  We should understand as others are on the wheel of responsibility for their actions, so are we.

We will not downplay another’s suffering or struggles. No one’s suffering is more than one’s own.

We will not force another to live by this philosophy but we will attempt to be a good example.

Love placed on God is sweeter than anything else.